windscreen replacement cost

We’re often asked how much a windscreen replacement costs, and our first answer to that question is invariably, “it depends”. Helpful, we know!

The cost of a windscreen replacement varies according to factors like the age, make and model of your car. Current model windscreen replacements are cheaper than those for a rare vintage car, and bus or truck windscreens cost more again.

We know our customers want cheap, fast and reliable windscreen repairs, and we believe that this has been the secret to our success for over 30 years. Use our quick quote function to find out how much your replacement windscreen will cost.

How much will my windscreen replacement cost?    

While there isn’t an easy answer to this question, we’ve included an estimated price range for windscreen replacement below, depending on whether you have a standard windscreen or an accessorised windscreen. 

Here’s what you might expect to pay:

We will always replace your windscreen with aftermarket glass where possible to keep costs down, but in some cases OEM (original equipment manufacturer) is required, which accounts for the higher range estimates quoted below.

Standard windscreens     

Costs range between $200 - $270 (mouldings, clips and rubber are extra)

Accessorised windscreens 

These include light and rain sensors, cameras, HUD (head up display), aerials, heaters and other accessories.
Costs range between $400 - $2000

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